We Made it!

February 9, 2008

Hey! We made it here just fine & have a nice apartment. We didn’t have any troubles with our luggage: a porter helped us in Seattle with our 8 pieces of checked baggage, our 8 pieces of carry-on, and the dog. On the Copenhagen end, we were able to use 5 free(!) luggage carts to move all of our luggage through customs. I don’t think we would have had to provide the paperwork for Sammy if I hadn’t asked. Sammy did fine on the flight.

The girls also did fine. They were in the row behind us (we were 2 & 2) and enjoyed the in-flight entertainment system. At about 9pm Seattle time they fell asleep and slept through most of the rest of the flight. We packed everything into a taxi van and arrived at our apartment. We’re about a block from a major park, and two blocks from a grocery store. Eden & I went shopping last night and successfully negotiated the grocery aisles. I now know what “functionally illiterate” means 🙂

The internet at our apartment just stinks. It is ClearWire WiMax (while Lindell has this, I would avoid this company like the plague!). It relies upon a good wireless signal from some undisclosed location, but we are unable to get a clear signal from anywhere in the apartment. There is one location that, if we’re lucky, we can get the minimum connection for about 45 seconds at a time that is slower than dial-up.

I’m working on getting us a different provider, but until then, we are basically unable to use the internet from home.