A Typical Sunday In CPH


we didn’t have our camera today, but mr. monkey’s people took this pic of our ice rink. 

Today we went to church at the International Church of Copenhagen. It’s in a historic sanctuary aren’t they all, not to far from the Rosenburg Slot (Palace). We’ve been a couple of weeks now, and we think we’ll stick around for awhile. It’s a Lutheran liturgy, which is familiar to me because I grew up Lutheran. (Although we chanted the liturgy back in the day. I don’t know if anyone does that anymore.) There are lots of nationalities represented, and when we all gather in the chancel for the Eucharist everyone says the Lord’s Prayer in thier mothertongue, which I love. The pastor is a 30 something(?) American with sort of pomo vibes. There’s a female intern, and the reader is this lovely British woman who sounds a lot like the narrator of my first ever labyrinth experience, which is dreamy, just dreamy.

The kids have been kind of testing out Sunday School, which they don’t love, but they don’t hate either. What they like best is the after-service kaffe hour, where there is always tea, sugar cubes, and biscuits. Today there was also Danish lunch: hard cooked eggs, rye bread with butter and carraway cheese, cold cuts, oranges, tea biscuits and currant cake. We visited with Lisa and Luther, who we had met the first week we were there. They are an American family here for three months while Lisa does some translation work. They have two teenage boys who are sort of self-schooling for the semester. Today was Luther’s 50th birthday. They are a lovely couple and we enjoy them a lot.

We also at with Alex, who is from Armenia and is also the church pianist. Today he played the organ, which we hadn’t heard before. It was “Be Thou My Vision,” which I sang with much (off key) gusto. Eden’s been getting called on the carpet quite a bit for being 1)LOUD and 2)having what Paul calls “verbal diahrrea.” (I know, it’s hard to imagine…:-) Since she’s in Danish school, she has no one to speak English to, which results in an overflow of talkingtalkintalkingtalking. I had just finished telling Eden to “turn it down,” when Alex said (in his wonderful accent), “No, no! This passion is good! It will make you a wonderful musician.” It was really encouraging to Eden to be affirmed by this talented man.

 I wrote an entry about the whole experience, including my fondness and fear of faith.

After kaffe hour, Paul took the girls ice skating. The ice rink is outdoor, and artificially frozen. (It’s been a mild winter here and nothing freezes hard enough on it’s own.) The ice rink goes round and round a plaza with a fountain (statue?) It’s right accross the street from Nyhavn (new harbor, see our pics) which is where Hans Christian Anderson lived.


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