Copenhagen is for Children

Get ready,

Get Set,


A Danish collegue was once overhead to say, “People should only have two children. Anything more is vulgar!” Still, we are finding that Copenhagen is very much made for kids. Take this play area at a nearby park. It’s completely tricked out to teach children the rules of the road.

This is very important here because so many families walk and bike as their major form of tansportation. When our bikes arrive on the slow boat from Seattle, we’ll bring the girls here for practice. In the meantime they can use one of the many (free) trykes or go carts that are lined up in the minature parking lot. (Eden and Cate have taken it upon themselves to be play yard valet’s when the carts are left pell mell about the track.) When we go there, I have to be The Pedestrian and walk around in a circle between the four way intersection with real full-sized traffic lights that go through a rotation of “walk” and “don’t walk” signals. (Thank goodnes for NPR podcasts on my Zune!)


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