A Place to Call Home


clockwise from upper left: the property manager walks our balcony, our curving stairs, hip kitchen, tiny enclosed lift for four, sunny dinning room/sitting area, master bedroom (also has a juliette balcony), our living room under the skylights.

Okay, I am what you might call dripping with exhaustion, so this post will have no poetic flare, but we wanted to let you all know how the house hunting is going.

As our two months in our temporary flat comes to an end, we’ve been increasingly anxious about finding a new place. The relo specialist tells us every day how our budget is too low — even though we’re spending more on rent here than we were on our mortgage in Seattle. We are also frequently reminded how impossible it is to find an apartment that will allow a dog. This in spite of the fact that you can barely walk down the street without stepping in dog crap.

Paul’s in Florida this week, and the country pretty much shuts down all of next week for Easter, so I had to pick a place for us on my own. The relo person showed us 3 places that would work and we choose Danish modern with clean open spaces over a charming 1800’s hygge home.

 Even after increasing our budget by several hundred kroner, we still couldn’t land a three bedroom and I’ll have to tuck my ‘studio’ into a corner of the living room. Still, I think we are going to like this place. It’s very mid-city, which Paul adores. (Walking downstairs in the morning to shop at the green grocer, taking the metro to work, etc.) The girls like that it’s on two floors — the bedrooms and 3/4 bath are on the main floor and the living room, dinning room, kitchen and 1/2 bath are on the second floor. [So rare to have two bathrooms — but still no tub 😦 ] We’ve got a balcony that runs the entire length of the apartment, and our view is a little like the Step in Time song from Mary Poppins — all peaked roofs and smokestacks. I’m pretty sure Dick Van Dyck is going to prance over one of them any minute now. The white walls and light wood floors are very scandinavian, and the kitchen is surprisingly big for a CPH flat. Plus, the bright yellow-green sofa Paul has been craving at IKEA will look perfectly at home here.

Oh, and the best bit? It’s on the fifth floor, but there’s a  tiny coat-closet sized lift so I don’t have to haul the groceries up the stairs.

We move the weekend of the 29th — provided our stuff clears customs on time. We’ve really enjoyed living in this neighborhood, and the thought of learning a new one feels daunting. But a permanent place to sink into is much needed by all!


4 Responses to A Place to Call Home

  1. Susan Young says:

    So glad you’ve found a permanent place. You can’t see me, but I’m saluting you for having tackled all those hurdles (money, picking it out alone while you handle the girls, etc.). It will be challenging to manage the transition, but permanent will be good. Blessings on helping Eden in particular with the new school and your stuff clearing customs. Much love, us three

  2. j3npayn3 says:

    Rachelle, this place is gorgeous. Way to go!!!

  3. Lynette says:

    We miss you guys, love this site that keeps us in touch. I find myself thinking that it is time to have you guys over again soon, only to feel surprised by the fact that you don’t live here anymore. Knowing you were close was very comforting. Ah well, sounds like you are in good health and spirits… I’m dreaming about the beaches in Spain….

  4. Wendy says:

    ooh….danish modern is a decorator’s dream! i love the bones of your new place, the curving staircase….the slanted living room ceiling. Let’s get all these transitions over with! Then you can really get your joie de vivre back. I love you, and pablo of course.

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