Easter Sunday


Catie colors at the church house on Saturday. 

I’ve been a bit melancholy this past week. I’ve missed seeing our monkity monks pals around the long  long Passover table (for Seder on Maunday Thursday.) We’ve missed hearing Pastor Ed bellow “He is Risen!” or going to the cathedral on the hill (St. Mark’s) and having the processional splash water on us to remind us of our baptism. And, of course, it seems odd to have a holiday like this without dragging Souren to my parent’s for barbeque and egg hunts. (Cate, our foodie, was bemoaning the lack of a second Easter basket at Gig Gig’s and Bompa’s.)

With Easter coming so early this year, I didn’t think to put our Passover things or the kid’s Easter baskets in our short-term supplies, and the rest of our things are still languishing in customs. So the girls and I took the train to IKEA last week and bought a big wicker bowl to serve as a communal Easter basket. They found it this morning in the broom closet with a vase of daffodils in the center and candy treats all around.  

The expat community at ICC took good care of us all throughout Holy Week. We went to a love feast at the church house on Thursday, then back again in the snow(!) for an egg hunt, songs, and stories on Saturday. This morning, in -3c and under sunny skies, we took the bus to services at the kirke. As we were adding flowers to a wooden cross, one couple broke into a gorgeous song in one of the African languages. They sang the whole thing in a capella, complete with soulful harmonies. The slightly stiff congregation managed to clap along and the kids shook their noise makers, which they had been invited to bring for the Alleluias. I was ready to grab Miss Dee of Liberia right out of her pew so we could go dancing down the aisle, but much to my family’s relief the song ended before I could execute my I-used-to-be-a-Vineyardite plan.

 We went to the after-church kaffe hour and said goodbye to Luther and Lise, two quick friends we met our first week at ICC. We were instantly fond of them and will miss them now that their three month stay in CPH has ended.


At Fritizdjem, Eden made flowers out of ‘decorative paper napkins’ for our Easter table.

At home we lounged around before making steak-and-potato dinner (Eden’s choice) and eating strawberries for our Easter dessert. We’ll be calling our family’s tonight, when they will be starting their Easter morn!

Happy Easter!


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