It’s a Pretty Nice Haircut


I braved the world of cross-cultural hairstyling yesterday and ended up with an accidental new look — darker color and heavy, straight across bangs. I kind of dig the bangs with my glasses….

Catie cried when she saw me and said “You aren’t my Mommy anymore.” Her sister pulled that on me once too when I got my nosed pierced, which in my opinion is a lot more subtle than a change in hairstyle. I supposed is karmic payback for the time my mom went from Marsha Brady to Mia Farrow and I lost it when she walked in the door. Reap it, sister!


3 Responses to It’s a Pretty Nice Haircut

  1. Wendy says:

    Chelle! you look so *HOT*! I love your edgy bangs. and the new color makes your eyes pop. This is a very good look for you. Maybe its time I made a radical change of my own….hmmmm……

  2. Wendy says:

    ok, i just got this image of you in like, an orange cat suit, strutting out of your private elevator (ahem!), and saying “oooh BABY” like Austin Powers! Awesome! Rock that look.

  3. Susan Young says:

    I like it! A cross cultural haircut experience…you are brave! I remember my mom crying for a couple weeks after her mid-life hair cut (yes, there was only one!). Menopause – not quite sure I’m going to like that one!

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