Just an Ordinary Girl


Eden, age nine, while playing with these toys from her Kinderegg:

“I’m just an ordinary girl with ordinary dreams. I just want to win this nascar race and bring home a bag of gold to my man.”

Hmm. Is that an improvement from this conversation at age six? I think so, maybe…


5 Responses to Just an Ordinary Girl

  1. neil says:

    That’s so funny! I love that. What scares me a little or makes me feel old or something is that it’s the kind of ironic humor we were all using in college… and now it’s filtered down to … how old is Eden? Wow. ‘course, she is smarter than many.

  2. magpiegirl777 says:


    last night at dinner eden said to me, ‘you have to remember, mom, i am smarter than you.’ then she took her hands and put one over the other at different ‘levels,’ and said, “mom (lower), me(higher)”

    i mean, it’s true and everthing, but does she have to rub it in? 😉

  3. neil says:

    whipper snapper!

  4. Susan Young says:

    NASCAR Race? How often has Eden been exposed to NASCAR? She is so funny! Hi Neil!

  5. Sadly, in a moment of single parenting desperation, I let the kids watch Ricky Bobby: Talledegah Nights. It’s a Will Farrell comedy about race car drivers. (Yikes. Lots of fastwording to get around the potty language in that one. I do like how he always prays to “little baby Jesus” though…) As far as inappropriate movies go, I think this takes the prize from the previous holder, Blades of Glory, which we took Cate to is a desprate attempt to get a ‘date night’ in at the movies while we were down to one kid one rainy weekend. You know how when you are at the movies there is always one family that bring kids who are too young for whatever film you are at. Yeah….we were those parents…

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