Clara’s Advice

Me: (yawning) Sorry, I’m so wiped out from yesterday.

Clara: What did you do yesterday.

Me: Well, we took the kids to meet the headmistress at the new skole. Then she said we had to fill out paperwork at a field office, as well as at the skole, and that we could walk there. So we walked 3 kilometers to the office and spent an hour there doing paperwork.

(Clara makes appropriate empathetic expression.)

Me: Then we went to IKEA.

Clara: WHAT!?!!? You went to IKEA?!?!? On the SAME DAY?!?!?  You don’t do ANYTHING ELSE on the day you go to IKEA!!! Do you need to sit down???


I guess that’s why I fell asleep here while Paul was assembling furniture with an allen wrench….




2 Responses to Clara’s Advice

  1. neil says:

    You know I don’t laugh out loud much, but I find humor in most anything. Well, I came very close to laughing out loud when I got to Clara’s reaction to IKEA. “Do you need to sit down?” That was funny, so funny because it’s so true! You know this Rachelle, what were you thinking? Well, there’s grace for even this. And I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson. So funny.

    BTW, do they have meatballs and lingonberries at the Dansk IKEA? Did you remember tea lights and napkins?

  2. Rosie Gustafson says:

    Hey all!,
    sorry i haven’t kept in touch I’ve been super busy with (not to brag) beating Canada in the global reading challenge championships! you remember the global reading challenge right? I’ll leave more later!

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