Moving Day

Last Monday, we took possession of the apartment. Tuesday, the guys from the moving company arrived to unpack our semi-truck sized shipping container into the flat. That’s when we found out about the hole.

In the roof of the shipping container.

The one with all of our earthly possessions that had been sitting outside in the customs yard for a week.

While it rained.

Paul got to the apartment early to meet the movers, so he was able to break the bad news to me before I arrived with the kids. Still, it was disheartening to see water pouring out of the corner of the cardboard boxes the movers were carrying up the stairs. (Oh, the building association is gonna luuuuuv us!)

Now there is a stack of soggy books in the living room – several of which are out of print. Not to mention the oil painting from Paul’s grandmother, a box of the girl’s toys, the cross Amber sculpted for Eden’s dedication, the handmade bookends from Andrew, our moldy sleep-number mattress, the waterlogged foot board from our bed, the down comforter, our best set of sheets, and the middle section of our bookshelf system.


Thankfully, we have insurance, and once we research the cost of repairing or replacing everything, they will cut us a check. This is hard to do in an unfamiliar place, especially the wood work that needs to be done. But Paul has started a spread sheet and is trying to get the numbers a bit at a time. He’s half way through the book list. It looks like it’s going to be about $1,500 in books alone. Plus they have to cover VAT (taxes), shipping, and import fees.

Other than that the move has gone fine. Our kitchen is awesome, there are tons of closets, so storage hasn’t been a problem, and the girls love their room. Yesterday Paul and Eden rode to the store and bought a vacuum cleaner – which Paul carried home on his bike! Eden carried bags of flour and sugar in her bike baskets and learned that it’s challenging to ride with an uneven load. She was a real trooper and didn’t even panic when she tipped over into a parked car. Go Eden, Go Eden!

Now every box has been opened, if not unpacked. All that’s left to find homes for is Paul’s enormous stack of computer paraphernalia. They come tomorrow to pick up all the empty boxes, which pretty much fill up one small room – even though they are collapsed. We are waiting for our couch, which is on back order. Then we’ll have a housewarming party, which is Danish is “Housewarming Parti.” (Ooooh! So exotic! J)

We’ll post pictures soon!


One Response to Moving Day

  1. neil says:

    wow. you guys are really starting fresh on many levels. $1,500 in books sounds like a dream come true at first, then overwhelming, then maybe I’d give up on books and just pay some bills.

    I’m proud of you you both and your girls. Lots of change and possibly frustrating and disheartening experiences but in just a few months more you’ll probably all feel like your settled into a wonderfully euro-life!

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