So by 9am you mean….what?

So apparently the Danish thing about being right on time, not early, not late–meh, not so much. Every single Dane we have had interaction with has inevitably showed up early — way early. Like for instance when the guy came to pick up our moving boxes and the moving company said between 9-12. Yeah, he came at 8:30. While I was in the shower. ‘Cuz nothing says desperate housewife like answering the door in your bathrobe while you’re toweling off your hair.

It was worth the embarassment though — because this:

The \'Before\' Shot (with half the boxes already hauled away!)

transformed to this:

Cate\'s Cozy Corner

Catie took charge of this little nook and set it up with thier favorite books, all thier board games, and blankets and pillows from various parts of the house. I still want to get them a cozy little rug — oh, and the desk lamp? It lives here now. Sammy likes it too and we often find him curled up on one of the circular labyrinth pillows. He loves to be by Catie. So sweet!

Through the stair railing.


One Response to So by 9am you mean….what?

  1. Susan Young says:

    Darling, Wonderful, Brave & Daring Rachelle,
    I’m so sorry I haven’t been commenting. My heart nearly broke when I read your suggestion, especially detailing that it took an hour just to do one post. You’ve been so thoughtful in keeping us abreast of all sorts of interesting, challenging, and cross-cultural things. I read both sites daily. In fact, yesterday I sent you an email asking a question, when our computer froze for the 3rd time. I couldn’t handle re-writing it and gave up until another day. I promise to comment more frequently. Love you very much! Susan

    P.S. Steve too stressed to read, but I keep him posted on all news. I encouraged him to respond personally when he was mentioned in regards to the Palo palito song, but alas…I can’t wait until the Ph.D. is in hand.

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