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This weekend, we took the ferry across the water to Sweden. We had lunch in Helsingborg, then went to Lund for the day. There we saw a Catholic-turned-Lutheran church built in the 1100’s with a fabulous animated clock; a beautiful, mysterious crypt; and awesome Roman architecture.

I especially loved the ancient, chipped, stone baptismal. It was about 3-4 ft tall and easily big enough to bathe twins. Eden and I sat in the batismal chapel and talked about the font and the chalice as symbols of the feminine divine. She really has a lot of spiritual insight — although this means that you can’t pull the wool over her eyes either! No softshoe answers for this girl! She’s really got some tough ones about theodicy (the problem of evil.)

The church was dedicated to St. Lawrence. When the Roman emperor asked him where the church valuables were, Lawrence brought him the poor and the blind. He had spent all the church’s money on them, and told the Emperor “Christ says, these are the treasure of the church.”

Yeah. We killed him for it. You’ve gotta love our history.

On a more chipper note, we also went to Kulture, an outdoor living-history type of museum. It had tiny old homes with grass roofs and root cellars. There was even a church that was built right after the pagan era faded. (Think Vikings and you’ll get the general vibe.) The kids got to go in and out of all of them and basicall “play house” in a genuine historic village. It was cold and we got there late, so we want to go again and really see all of it. I kept thinking how much the grandparentals would like it, especially Margaret as it had interesting medieval medicinal and kitchen gardens as well.

Lund is a University town — one of the coolest I’ve ever seen. Historic, beautiful, and buzzing with an energy that only comes in a place where so many young people are so eagerly seeking knowledge. Paul and I were especially tickled that the philosophy department is housed in the King’s old palace. How cool is that?

Our batteries died on the camera, but here are some pics from the cell phone. Sorry this isn’t more poetically written, but I’m afraid if I don’t just get it out, it will never happen at all. You can click here to read a poetic bit I wrote about one of the churches on my other site.

Ps. If you visit, please leave us a note in the comments! Even if you just say “Hi! I was here.” These posts, even though they are simply written, take a long time. This one took over an hour to edit the photos, write, and upload. So, we’re more movitvated to keep it up and keep you in touch if we know that our family is actually reading this… tak!

 [prayer candles at the cathedral

lighting a candle for great grandma

Eden rides a vintage rocking horse

Eden rides a vintage horse in the toy gallery

the midnight ride of Cate Shalom 

the girls read, color, and snack while riding the rails EU style


5 Responses to Sweden!

  1. Amber says:

    I’ve been checking for a new post…. ! So sorry about your waterlogged things but glad they’re there and you’re more settled in. Tell Eden when she gets her head around theodicy I need her to explain it to me! Love you all, A

  2. neil says:

    Wow. That church was built shortly after the big schism between east and west. Did it have any Orthodox Church characteristics? Well, of course from your other post about Little Mary’s Church, the devotion to The Mother of God is still alive and well. It’s nice that the Lutheran folks left that part there for all to see.

    Catie is so cute in her corner!
    Love Eden’s questions, too. I was going to leave a comment there, but honestly I’m a little intimidated by your other readers. I don’t want to be seen as the white guy with stock answers, so… I’ll just keep quiet.

    Thanks for the new posts, I check daily!

  3. Rachelle says:

    Hi Neil and Amber! Thanks for sending us notes!

    Neil, yep, lots of Byzantian (sp?) influences. At our intl church we are celebrating Easter next weeks as well so that we cover all the east/west bases. 🙂

    Hope all is well with both of y’all’s families.


  4. Tonya says:

    My RSS wouldn’t be complete without this site on it. And what cute pics of the girls on the horses! Cate is way to photogenic! I’m still jealous that you get to go galavanting around Europe.

  5. magpiegirl777 says:

    hi all!

    thanks for your kind notes. i found out my mom didn’t even know this site was up. (dad was supposed to tell her. bad bompa!) so i’m glad i whined just a little. 🙂 if folks drop a line every couple of times they come by i feel ever so much less insecure. (oh, blogging is not good for insecure people — so why do i blog complusively. weirdo! 🙂

    love to you all.


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