I Went to Denmark to Visit the Queen!

As dictated by Eden Chapman.

“One day I went to skole. Just one lesson before lunch, my teacher told me that we were going to go to the Queen’s Castle!  After lunch, we went and stood in the courtyard of Ammelienborg Slot (castle). At exactly 12:05 Queen Margrethe came out with her son, daughter-in-law, two grandchildren, and husband. They all waved at us. We waved paper Danish flags and said “Hurah! Hurah! Hurah!.” (Danish spelling)  It was the Queen’s birthday!


Many people in Denmark came. All of her royal guards wore red and white shirts, blue pants, and tall  bearskin hats and marched in a parade with instruments. We marched behind them. It was really cool and fun. The End.”

Mom would like to add the following editorial comments: Eden also told me that they learned the Danish birthday song, but that they did not sing it at the Slot. Only the Danish Reception class (the class for non-English speakers) got to go on this outing. The rest of the skole stayed behind, so it really was a special treat.

Margrethe’s family has been the monarchy for over a thousand years, going back to the time of the Vikings. She was born in Amalienborg Slot in downtown Copenhagen, which is actually 4 palatial manor houses connected by gates and gardens. Her parents had no male children, and the monarchy was going to pass to an uncle, when the country changed the constitution to allow female heirs to take succession of the throne. Queen Margrethe is the first woman to be crowned queen by blood, and not by marriage in Denmark. She is much loved by the people, and goes progression throughout the country, wintering in one part and spending the summer in another so that she can be near all her people.  (She moves from one palace to the other in her royal yacht! In spite of all the palaces, the monarchs here seem to be pretty low-key. For her birthday she appeared in a business suit, not a gown. This even handedness is common in Denmark because of the Jante Law which basically says “we are all equal. no one should act like they are above the other.”

If you like to read things online, there is an English-language paper that comes out once a week, the Copenhagen Post


4 Responses to I Went to Denmark to Visit the Queen!

  1. Susan Young says:

    Dear Eden,
    I’m so happy that you got to see the Queen and visit her on her birthday. Is she the first queen you’ve ever seen? Imagine all the kids learning their ABC’s learn queen starts with Q, but how many kids ever get to see a real queen? I wonder.

    Alberto is studying the letter X this week in preschool. I got to tell him that I once played the xylophone. Along with its sister the marimba, they were my favorite instruments. Are you playing any instruments these days?

    Much love to you, Cate (2cute2talk2you!), your mom and dad

  2. Grandpa says:

    Soo very cool Eden. You got to see your second queen in your life. Of course you need to understand that Grandma is the real queen.



  3. Gig-gig says:


    That was quite a field trip. I can’t wait to see you. Did Cate get to see the Queen too?


    Starting to get the house ready to put on the market. Not liking packing up all the family photos. I keep thinking of all the sorting, thinning out and packing you guys had to do. And then there is the unpacking. I can do this right?

  4. magpiegirl777 says:


    You can do this. Slow but steady wins the race!

    Have you tried the Fly Lady method? She helped me get a handle on my general housekeeping (though I never followed her to the ‘t’, just general tips.) My favorite thing about her technique is to have three boxes you move with you from room to room, one for “give away,” one for “toss,” and one for “belongs in another room.” Then you empty each one BEFORE you are done for the day. With clearing for a move I’d also add abox marked, “store” for stuff you can pack up in advance (decorative things and such.)

    She has a special section on packing up for a move. Here’s the link: http://www.flylady.net/pages/Flying_MovingTips.asp

    When are you putting the house on the market? We HAVE to make sure the girls get back in the states and into your house one more time before you sell it.

    I’ll email this to you too, in case you don’t see it here. (And post it here in case Dad doesn’t give you the email! 🙂



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