Weekend Report: Not Much

cate\'s card for hoperevo

Cate’s hopecard for Rwanda reads: Rwandanese girls; you are the power behind your country. Someone who learns is the one who knows best. American girls are supporting you!

Hello All! It’s been a long and boring weekend here and not much to report. Paul and I are vaguely grumpy in that way you are when the work week is starting again and you didn’t get to do anything fun. (doyaknowwhatimean?)

It was a productive weekend though and we are finally all the way unpacked. The new matress came, so we no longer have to sleep on mold. Ikea showed up with our lime green sofa (not kidding). And, the insurance company finally gave us the go-ahead to toss all the ruined items. It’s just in time too, because we are having a housewarming party with Paul’s work friends next weekend. All we have to do now is hang up a couple of paintings and some photos.

Today Cate and I made some postcards to send to Rwanda with my dear friend, Jen Lemen. Jen and her soulsister Odette, a Rwandan genocide survivor, are working on an empowerment program for school girls in Rwanda. You can send messages of hope too! My pal Krystyn is also in on it and you can find out how to say nice things in two languages by clicking here. (Deadline: postmarked cards by May1st) I’ve been teaching the kids how to stand in their own power lately (and learning how to stand in my own), so this project really struck a cord with strong-willed Cate!


4 Responses to Weekend Report: Not Much

  1. Gig-gig says:

    Way to go Cate! Such a pretty card and great message.


  2. Susan Young says:

    Cate, thanks for making a card! The girls who receive will appreciate it a lot I’m certain. Much love, Susan

  3. magpiegirl777 says:

    Hey Susan, thanks for all the comments. I call the girls in to read them whenever they pop up. Thanks for commenting on magpie girl too. I’m working on a follow up post because everyone had such interesting things to say and to think about. I love it when something I’ve written turns into a dialogue instead of a debate.

    Much love to you,


  4. Amber says:

    Catie, You’re a girl after my own heart! Maybe someday you will get to go to Africa too.

    Eden, I loved your story about meeting the Queen! What amazing things you’re seeing and doing. I’m pretty sure the kids in American schools never get to meet royalty.

    love and miss you, Auntie Amber

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