Oh the Humanity! (Or lack thereof.)

May 29, 2008

Sammy Before: with 4 months of hair — he was sort of cultivating the dredlock look by this point.

There are only two groomers in the area, and one broke her back. (Poor lady.) Being an apartment-only city, pretty much everyone in CPH who has a dog has a grooming-required purse puppy. (Westies, Teripoos, and Silky Daschunds mostly). So there was a 2 months waiting list for a hundeklip! By the time we got him in, the only options was to take him down to fuzz….

Sammy After: apparently, we are now the proud owners of a sad-eyed white squirrel.

Sammy at his Finest: Hopefully, he’ll grow back towards this happy medium fast.


Frederiksberg Havn

May 25, 2008

I know I’ve been posting a bunch of stuff in a row. We’ve had a slow weekend with lots of time to fiddle around, so I figured I might as well get it all up, and then y’all can go through it at your own pace.

Today we went for a picnic at the nearest park, Frederiksberg Havn. It’s very large, with ponds, a flock of herons, row boats, playgrounds, even a slot (palace.) This is the same park we told you about before where you can see the elephants at the neighboring zoo.

Anyhow, today we picked up burgers (the only place open on Sundays) and took our blanket over to the fields to lay in the sun. We all read, Paul napped, and the kids explored in the ‘woods’ and at the playground. Then we went for gelati on the way home. Here are some pics from a different day at the same park, including a shot of the binki tree where the children leave thier pacifiers when they are old enough. Enjoy.


May 25, 2008

The girls got new haircuts a few weeks ago, and I keep meaning to put photos up. A child’s haircut at a fancy pants kid’s salon in Seattle was about $25. It was spendy, but after a guy with poke-n-joke jail tats yanked Catie’s hair at Supercuts I decided it was worth it. The price for a basic salon’s newest stylist in Cophenhagen? $50. Needless to say, they will be getting a lot of trims at home. Here’s a high style slide show of thier new ‘dos. Click for cuteness.

And just for fun and in keeping with the hairspray theme, here’s one of the kid’s favorite numbers from the musical Hairspray:


What the heck, you may as well watch this one too. I dare you not to tap your toes, and man, can John Travolta boogie!

Spring Time

May 23, 2008

One of the things I do every day is walk through the university garden on my way home from dropping the girls off at school. Copenhagen U is broken up into different campuses, and we live near the agricultural and veterinarian sciences campus. The garden is one of their main projects and it is absolutely beautiful.

The scents in it have changed from damp earth, to licorice, to something heady and sweet now. I’ve never been in such a scented garden.

Their mascot is the horse and so far I have seen a horse laid out in daffodils and now another in succulents. They even spell out the name of the school above the horse in flowers. Right now it is in marigolds.

There are always baby carriages out and about. Danes love to get ‘frisk luft’ — fresh air. The moms and the Thai-nannies sit on the benches with the carriages nearby. Students and neighbors picnic and read on the wide lawns. I’d noticed that one of the lawns hadn’t been mowed and I thought they just didn’t want to work around the trees there. Then this morning I realized what was going on. The ‘grass’ had grown to knee height and was blooming — it’s a big field of poppies! My favorite! I can’t wait until they are at full bloom in a week or two.

Anyway, every time I walk though it I think of Margaret, Paul’s mom, and know she would just love to see it. My mom is making landscaping plans for their retirement property as well, so I know she’d want to see the azaleas. So I’ve got another photo set up on flckr with some pics. Hope they brighten your day.


May 21, 2008

The Chapman Family at Castle Combe

Cherrio! It’s the Chapman family in jolly old England. We had a wonderful 7 day trip with several days in busy, bustly London and a few in quiet, lovely Bath.

We’ve put some of the highlights up on our flckr page, with captions to tell you our tale. (They are all marked public now, so you shouldn’t have to log in to see them.) The things that aren’t pictured there, but which were also more-than-wonderful were:

-late night ale and dessert with the hilarious Paul Roberts and his lovely and long suffering wife Sharon at The George Pub in Batheaston. (Cate fell asleep on the wooden bench behind the table.)

-walks and cream tea with our friend Faith Blakemore of Nottingham and her brother Si. (The kids are pretty sure Faith is Maid Marion in disguise.)

-the glitz and glamour of a Broadway-style show, Wicked, based on the untold story of the Witch of the West. (Amazing!)

-a picture-perfect hotel room in Bath with views of the rolling hills and a number of charming churches.

-a quiet chat with one of the Chaplins after taking Communion at Westminster Abbey (and hiding out in the private side chapel he led us to, away from the crowds.)

We loved England and will be sure to come again before our stay in Europe is over. Next time we’d like to see the Lindensfarm Gospels, travel up Stratford-on-Avon on a canal boat, and watch a play at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Our House In Denmark

May 4, 2008

(paul here) We moved into our flat in Frederiksberg about a month ago. Frederiksberg is a city-within-Copenhagen. It was a western suburb of CPH, but as Copenhagen annexed smaller towns on its outskirts, Frederiksberg held out as an independent city, now entirely surrounded by Copenhagen. You can read more about it on Wikipedia. We’re just minutes from the central city, about 10 minutes by bus, 25 minutes walk. Our neighborhood is movie-set residential-urban: brick or stuccoed buildings, street-level shops, bike lanes, trees, chimney’d roofs. The metro stop I take to work is 10 mintes away, underneath a small shopping mall with our local brocery store, so I stop in on my way home for our daily 2 litres of milk.

Anyway, our flat: we’ve got a large place–175 square meters (1900 square feet). It’s close to the size of our house in Seattle. And with most flats here at 100 sq meters or less, ours is downright huge. It was converted from two units and is two floors. The bedrooms are on the lower floor, the living room and kitchen are on the upper floor, the top floor of the building. We are fortunate to have a lift that takes us to our lower entrance on the fourth floor (which would be the 5th floor in the U.S.).

We’ve got a wide balcony that runs the length of upstairs. We’ve eaten dinner outside several times already this spring. We’re expecting to make good use of it as the year goes on.

Anyway, enough words. Here’s a video tour and a few photos.

Click for video (~70mb WMV format. Sorry for the high-pitched whine!)