Our House In Denmark

(paul here) We moved into our flat in Frederiksberg about a month ago. Frederiksberg is a city-within-Copenhagen. It was a western suburb of CPH, but as Copenhagen annexed smaller towns on its outskirts, Frederiksberg held out as an independent city, now entirely surrounded by Copenhagen. You can read more about it on Wikipedia. We’re just minutes from the central city, about 10 minutes by bus, 25 minutes walk. Our neighborhood is movie-set residential-urban: brick or stuccoed buildings, street-level shops, bike lanes, trees, chimney’d roofs. The metro stop I take to work is 10 mintes away, underneath a small shopping mall with our local brocery store, so I stop in on my way home for our daily 2 litres of milk.

Anyway, our flat: we’ve got a large place–175 square meters (1900 square feet). It’s close to the size of our house in Seattle. And with most flats here at 100 sq meters or less, ours is downright huge. It was converted from two units and is two floors. The bedrooms are on the lower floor, the living room and kitchen are on the upper floor, the top floor of the building. We are fortunate to have a lift that takes us to our lower entrance on the fourth floor (which would be the 5th floor in the U.S.).

We’ve got a wide balcony that runs the length of upstairs. We’ve eaten dinner outside several times already this spring. We’re expecting to make good use of it as the year goes on.

Anyway, enough words. Here’s a video tour and a few photos.

Click for video (~70mb WMV format. Sorry for the high-pitched whine!)


7 Responses to Our House In Denmark

  1. Lynette says:

    Pascal and Lynette just watched your video and we liked it a lot. Pascal especially liked the part when Eden said “roar”. He also thought the humming noise meant someone must be mowing the lawn, but then when we looked out every window, there wasn’t much lawn to be mowed. He thinks perhaps it was your laundry. We miss you all very much, we look forward to seeing you… Pascal was thinking about how many days, or weeks or years till we see you again…. much love, Lynette, Pascal and Dwight.

  2. Susan Young says:

    Paul, thanks for the tour. Next time, please, more shots of your stunning wife!

    Isn’t it nice to have Neil Sittlers hanging on your walls? We have 1 in the living room and one in my massage studio – always catching people’s eyes and imaginations.

    Love you all, Susan & Steve

  3. Rachelle says:


    You’re right! That was our noisy washing machine! Actually, the dryer. The dryers here are kind of cool. Instead of shooting the hot wet steamy air outside of the building, there is a container on the machine that collects all of the water that was in the wet clothes. The dryer sucks all the water out — like turning grapes into raisins–and puts all the water in the container. Then you have to dump out the water after each load and take the fuzzy lint out of the dryer too. We use the water on our plants sometimes.

    There is no grass here at all. It’s a big city and no one has backyards. There are very beautiful parks though, and everyone goes there to have picnics, and play on the climbers, and play the guitar in the sun. At the park nearest to us there are: hammocks in the play ground; a binki tree where children tie their binkis with bright ribbons when it is time to give them up; ponds and islands that are home to a flock of cranes; and elephants! Yes! You can walk right up to the clear “glass” fence that divides the zoo from the park and see the elephants!

    The other park near us as a traffik legeplads (play yard) where you can ride peddle carts and practice your biking skills. Yesterday Eden and I rode our bikes to the grocery store, popped the bike baskets off our handle bars, took them inside and filled them up with groceries, then popped them back on and road home. When we ride home we cut through the College of Agriculture and Veterinarian Science where we peddle past all the horse stalls. Yes! There are barns in the middle of the city! Cate is learning to ride better so she can come to.

    I hope you are having a good day. We miss you lots.

    Rachelle (for all of us)

  4. neil says:

    nice tour Paul! Now you all have 2 styles I’m jealous of!

    Who painted the Abandoned piece? I forgot you had that, i love it! The big leaves look great in your dining room! Thanks for carting it all the way over there. Have you signed it with a sharpie yet?

    Hi Susan and Steve! Nice to “hear your voices” through the web!

  5. Rachelle says:

    Hey Neil! Charlie Lee from the Vineyard painted it the year the artists first took over Lent/Easter. Lisa Koontz gave me the mosaic she made that year as well — but it weighs about a hundred pounds so I didn’t bring it with us. You have to reinforce a wall to hang it!

    We call the upper floor “The Neil Sittler Wing” because there are three pieces by you! (The still life in the kitchen, the leaves in the dinning room and the folding screen in the hall. (Paul rebuilt that for me about a year ago.) Youv’e been so generous to us! We LOVE these pieces.

    Much love to you and the fam.

  6. neil says:

    Mmmmm. It has been my pleasure to return just a portion of the generosity you all have shown me and my family. Truly.

    That’s a ridiculous name for a part of your house, but I’m flattered.

    That’s right, Charlie Lee. No wonder I love it! Remember his birds in a cage piece? He’s got talent!

  7. Becky says:

    Hey Paul, Chelle, Eden & Cate!

    The kids loved getting a tour of your new home and they were excited to see their cousins. šŸ™‚ They said your new home is “Cool!” and “We want to live there!” They especially loved the balcony. What great views!!! So excited for you and this amazing adventure! We miss you!

    Becky and family

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