Spring Time

One of the things I do every day is walk through the university garden on my way home from dropping the girls off at school. Copenhagen U is broken up into different campuses, and we live near the agricultural and veterinarian sciences campus. The garden is one of their main projects and it is absolutely beautiful.

The scents in it have changed from damp earth, to licorice, to something heady and sweet now. I’ve never been in such a scented garden.

Their mascot is the horse and so far I have seen a horse laid out in daffodils and now another in succulents. They even spell out the name of the school above the horse in flowers. Right now it is in marigolds.

There are always baby carriages out and about. Danes love to get ‘frisk luft’ — fresh air. The moms and the Thai-nannies sit on the benches with the carriages nearby. Students and neighbors picnic and read on the wide lawns. I’d noticed that one of the lawns hadn’t been mowed and I thought they just didn’t want to work around the trees there. Then this morning I realized what was going on. The ‘grass’ had grown to knee height and was blooming — it’s a big field of poppies! My favorite! I can’t wait until they are at full bloom in a week or two.

Anyway, every time I walk though it I think of Margaret, Paul’s mom, and know she would just love to see it. My mom is making landscaping plans for their retirement property as well, so I know she’d want to see the azaleas. So I’ve got another photo set up on flckr with some pics. Hope they brighten your day.


2 Responses to Spring Time

  1. Tonya says:

    Beautiful pics! I like the “one related to garlic” the best I think. I’m glad you have such a beautiful place to meander every day. I’m sure it’s helpful.

  2. Susan Young says:

    Love it! Great pictures. I feel like trading a photo tour of what I would see as I walked Berto home from school, but my mind goes negative quickly. So, I’ll take it as a challenge to see differently. (of course, this is when he will start kindergarten in the fall anyway)

    I’m glad you have so much beauty and experimentation on your daily walk. I also enjoyed reading the new Mondo Beyondo on magpie. Steve and I recently made a Bucket List after seeing the movie. I’ll share it with you another time.
    Love, Susan

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