Oh the Humanity! (Or lack thereof.)

Sammy Before: with 4 months of hair — he was sort of cultivating the dredlock look by this point.

There are only two groomers in the area, and one broke her back. (Poor lady.) Being an apartment-only city, pretty much everyone in CPH who has a dog has a grooming-required purse puppy. (Westies, Teripoos, and Silky Daschunds mostly). So there was a 2 months waiting list for a hundeklip! By the time we got him in, the only options was to take him down to fuzz….

Sammy After: apparently, we are now the proud owners of a sad-eyed white squirrel.

Sammy at his Finest: Hopefully, he’ll grow back towards this happy medium fast.


2 Responses to Oh the Humanity! (Or lack thereof.)

  1. Susan Young says:

    He looks mad in the middle picture. Is it hard not to snicker at him? Funny.

  2. Amber says:

    I’ve gotten worse haircuts abroad.;) Poor Sammy!

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