Eight is Great!

Much to my astonishment, Catie Shalom is turning eight in just a few short days (June 22nd). She’d love cards in the mail, but if making it to the post office for overseas postage in an insurmountable obstacle (as is always is for me) you can send her love notes and congratulations on line.

Cate’s favorite thing right now is her Facebook page. For those of you who are unfamiliar with facebook, it’s on online site that lets you talk to friends and send little ‘virtual’ gifts to each other. You can’t use it unless you have an account and you request to be Cate’s friend. But if you’d like to do that, it’s free and easy and you can sign up for an account here. Then search for “Cate Mee Chapman” and you’ll be able to make friendship request. Cate’s facebook page is here.  She likes to get Pieces of FlairGrowing Gifts, and things for her Little Green Patch.

Another big hit, and easier to do if you are on the technophobic side, is to send an E-Card via Hallmark. It’s also free. Cate likes the joke-y ones best especailly Hoops& Yoyo. If you need Cate’s email drop me a note at moi at magpie-girl dot com. (I don’t want to put it out here on the web. The facebook thing I can monitor but her email just comes straight in.)

Thanks to the Coolman-Curran family and the Hydes for sending us care packages of late. Those have really helped the kids get through the rough bump of cultural disillusionment they seemed to have hit in May. Now they can have macaroni and cheese from time to time, sleep with a stuffie from their best friends, and keep track of thier emotional ups and downs in their new journals. Plus, hello…CANDY! 🙂


2 Responses to Eight is Great!

  1. Rosie says:

    oh my gosh, i totaly spaced, when is edens b.day?? i miss you sooo much and i hope you are settled in well! ms.sawyer will send you school stuff.


  2. T-Money says:

    Glad the package got there. We love and miss you all! We’ll be plotting a little something more for the girls’ birthdays…Cate’s may be a little late…we’ll see what we can cook up and how quick we can get it there! Of course she’ll get some goodies on Facebook too! Love yas!

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