This is what passes for night in CPH

On Saturday evening at about 10:30pm Rachelle, who was going to bed with a migraine, suggested I (Paul) call up Josh to play XBox. I said, “It’s too late; I’m only going to play for a bit and then come to bed.” Well, I’ve now seen what 2:30am looks like near midsummer in Copenhagen, and through the magic of The Internets so can you. Now, mind you, the sun doesn’t set until 10pm, and it is still very light out at 11pm. There have been a few fireworks displays (we’re not sure what for) recently, and they haven’t been able to start until midnight. The sun rises at 4:30am, but really by 3:30am the sky is pretty well lit.

I took the photo at 2.5 seconds. The buildings are about as bright as they were in real life, which gives you an indication of how bright the sky was.

We’ve got black-out shades in our bedrooms and fans to mask the birds singing…


One Response to This is what passes for night in CPH

  1. neil says:

    Beautiful! Summer solstice was always my favorite day in Seattle… I would love it in Denmark! Here in Denver, there is always lots of light so long days don’t seem to be stand out as much.
    Cool shot, Pauli!

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