*8 Things

July 24, 2008

*8 Things is a little habit I’ve picked up lately as a way to capture ideas for articles and such. I thought it might be a fun way to document everyday life for the grandparentals and the like. Here’s our entry for today:


1.       Dropped retainer in pile of dead bugs under picnic table (Eden)

2.       Logged best time on spiral waterslide at the pool, tandem (25.73)

3.       Built lego RV complete with stove, bunks, hat rack, and outdoor shower & dog house trailer

4.       Ate pesto pasta outdoors

5.       Saw the sun (finally)

6.       Discovered  the Counting Crows (Accidentally in Love now on the summer songs playlist)

7.       Freaked out over ‘pink juice’ draining from hot pink bathing suite (dye)

8.       Braved yellow jackets at dinner


Summer Fun Update

July 9, 2008


Summer is here and the kids are out of skole for a few weeks. They didn’t end skole until the 27th of June and the go back the third week of August. It’s a short break, but they also have a couple extra weeks and long weekends off mid year that we don’t have in the States, so I think it evens out in the long run.


The after skole program (SFO for Cate, Klub for Eden) runs full time during the Summer and the girls go T, W, Th from 10-3. They get some time to hang out with friends, and of course, keep up with their Danish over the break. Eden plays computer games and table tennis, and she draws a lot, exchanging pictures with pals. Cate rides the peddle go carts in the playground, plays endless rounds of a card game that is like War, and has impromptu dance parties in the classroom playhouse. They are having more playdates (little Thea is over today and big Thea and Nola come for Eden’s birthday on Saturday), although we are hosting most of them so far. Invitations to Danish homes are very slow in coming. Hopefully that will change when vacation season is over.


This time at SFO/Klub gives me time to keep up with yoga (essential for migraine management), to write my weekly article, and to meet with other women in CPH. My goal is to have one coffee or something with someone each week. I met a woman from Oregon who I walk with some Wednesdays, and today I went to a LINK coffee hour (Ladies International Network of Kobenhavn.) I’m also meeting this week with someone from church about finding some volunteer opportunities- -hopefully with Muslim women, who face a lot of racial discrimination in DK.


Last weekend was 4th of July and we went to a beach called Amager Strand. It’s a short metro ride from our house and features a manmade lagoon, and swimming on the sound as well. It’s a bit industrial with a big plant of some kind on the far end, but the sand is clean and the water is warm. The girls had a very good time swimming and playing with jelly fish – which are sting-free here. I even saw a little girl LICK one!


After the beach we had some of Paul’s coworker’s over (Clara and Alex, and Sean and Joe). We did the traditional burger grill thing and even splurged on a watermelon – which Paul brought home on his bike! It was Jazz Festival weekend here and Paul took the girls to a couple of free concerts, with not very good results. But Cate went to one with the skole today on a tur (field trip) in which the whole jazz band played on ‘garbage’ (cans and tins and things.) She was pretty impressed.


I’ve been bemoaning the lack of VBS, swimming lessons in outdoor saltwater pools, and sprinklers! To compensate I bought the kids a wading pool. We blew it up, only to find that the hose on the balcony doesn’t actually fit on any of the faucets in the house. So I passed the girls stockpots full of water through the kitchen window and we filled it up bucket-brigade style. Paul was a bit worried that the 600lbs of water (when all the way full –which it never is) would damage the balcony, but so far nothing has fallen off the side of the house!


In a few weeks we go to Bornhølm, a little island between us and Sweden. We are renting a beach house from one of Paul’s coworkers. Until then we will enjoy the sun (between the heavy thunderstorms!) and take advantage of the local beaches. Hope your Summer is going well!