*8 Things

*8 Things is a little habit I’ve picked up lately as a way to capture ideas for articles and such. I thought it might be a fun way to document everyday life for the grandparentals and the like. Here’s our entry for today:


1.       Dropped retainer in pile of dead bugs under picnic table (Eden)

2.       Logged best time on spiral waterslide at the pool, tandem (25.73)

3.       Built lego RV complete with stove, bunks, hat rack, and outdoor shower & dog house trailer

4.       Ate pesto pasta outdoors

5.       Saw the sun (finally)

6.       Discovered  the Counting Crows (Accidentally in Love now on the summer songs playlist)

7.       Freaked out over ‘pink juice’ draining from hot pink bathing suite (dye)

8.       Braved yellow jackets at dinner


One Response to *8 Things

  1. Lynette says:

    Pascal and Lynette’s List of 8 Things for Today:
    1. had the last day of two weeks worth of swim lessons.
    2. mailed 2 netflix.
    3. found his loose tooth in his lap after dinner.
    4. watched our friend Dave haul away our garage full of junk.
    5. discovered a secret path to a creek with friends on the playground.
    6. missed our friends Eden and Catie (which would be you guys)
    7. had a pokemon battle.
    8. read in Glamour how Christina Aguilera got her body back after her baby.

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