A Visit from Auntie Amber

Every Summer we take a picture of Catie with ice cream on her face. Last year it was with the Mee-Priddy cousins on Orcas Island…this year at Baaken.

Eden’s godmother, ‘Auntie’ Amber, came to see us for a few days on her way to a conference in Austria. We had fun hanging out and went on a few side trips.

On Amber’s first day we went downtown and took a kanal tour, which is a fun way to orient yourself to the city. Then at Eden’s request we headed to the Strøget (pedestrian shopping center) to do some back to school shopping at H&M. We’ve already had two teary shopping trips where our highly sensative Eden could find anything that didn’t bind or itch, so I was a bit nervous. But Amber must be magic because we found a whole wardrobe in one stop. (Eden is now 5ft 1in and has outgrown all her clothes.) I think I wore every single one of Eden’s outfits in my youth — skinny legged, super dark jeans, tunics over leggings, things with suspenders. Hello 80’s! After shopping we bought some hot, sugared nuts from the street vendors and watched the jugglers. There were a lot of street musicians out on the Strøget on Friday night, and I made two of them smile by singing along with them to “Free Falling.” (“She’s a good girl, crazy about Elvis…”)

On Saturday we made our first trip out to Deerhavn, the former ‘stocked’ hunting grounds of the royals. We didn’t see any of the tame deer, but we had a nice picnic and saw lots of different kinds of horse drawn carriages, including one decked out for a wedding with a bride and groom. Then we walked across the havn to Baaken, Europes oldest amusement park. The girls and Paul rode an old wooden roller coaster and the log ride, then we all had the prerequiste ice cream cone.

Sunday we were able to tour Rosenberg Slot (Palace) near our church, where the crown jewels are kept. The last time we were there the Grand Hall was closed for renovation. It’s open now and shows off the slot’s unique feature — a hall of mirrors!

On her last day Amber, Paul and the girls went to Sweden to the Kulturen Museum to see the pre-Christian era house and building that have been preserved. It’s one of those hands-on museums where you can walk through and touch everything and see how people lived “in the olden days.” They also went back to the cathedral at Lund to see the animated clock, which Cate adores.

There are a few pictures up here. Enjoy.


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