Sommerfaire Party

This weekend was the annual end-of-Summer party at Cate’s after school program (SFO). This year’s theme was “Cowboys.” It was very surreal to watch another cultural interpret the American west. There were lots of Indian costumes that would never pass the PC squad in the States, and the students happily carried cap guns around and shot each other with glee.

The kids had a lot of fun digging for gold (gold beads) and eating a bazillon cactus and cowboy hat shaped cakes. There was a Saloon with Carlsberg for the grown-ups and bright colored sodas with fruit sticks for the kids. The highlight was a kid’s version of an electric bull. Kid after kid bounced up on that thing and rode like a wrangler. Eden and Cate road it several times each and held on pretty well until they got thrown over the (foam) horns. (Only in Denmark can you have the electric bull run by a teenager who’s downing beers while he spins the joystick ’round!)

Paul and I were glad to shoot the breeze with Ruth, an MIT air-power specialist who is here from Seattle for a year. Her company has a short-term position here, and her husband Don works at Microsoft and was able to work out a work-at-a-distance deal between the office in Velbeck and the office in Redmond. They are bravely putting both thier kids in Danish school for the year, for which we are very grateful as Ali is a year younger than Eden and Peter is a year younger then Cate. The stair-step cuties are becoming fast friends.


One Response to Sommerfaire Party

  1. Susan Young says:

    Yee Haw! Looks like a lot of fun riding the “bull.” Rachelle, I love your sense of humor as you drop lines about the PC squad, describe the boozing teenager, etc. You certainly make the blog fun to read as well as an update for us to read. Can’t wait to read what you write about Italy. Thinking of you! Susan

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