Dannenborg Cirkus

Catie is this excited about seeing the circus!

A few weeks ago we went to the Danish National Circus. There are actually several of these traveling shows, and all of them claim to be “Denmarks Oldest” or “Denmarks Largest” or “Denmark’s Official” circus. The circus tent was set up in a park near where we first lived here, and even had sawdust on the floor! We sat in the first ten rows of this one-ring show and were completely charmed by it’s old school approach. The elephants were so close, the guy in the first row reached out and slapped on on the rump! (A far cry from watching Barnum and Bailey’s with four year old Christian from the nose bleed section 14 years ago!) I fell in love with the preening seals and the adorable herd of penguins. Catie had to close her eyes at the finale high-wire act, it was so daring! And Paul loved the guy on the unicycled who balanced a bazillion glasses. We’ve put up a few silly little videos that we thought the younger cousins might enjoy.


One Response to Dannenborg Cirkus

  1. Susan Young says:

    Wow! What a unicyclist! My sister could ride a unicycle, but she never attempted it with mom’s stemware – where was her sense of adventure?!?

    thanks for the post. This was fun to watch. I’ll show Alberto tomorrow at breakfast – who knows what bravery it might inspire.

    Much love, Susan

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