Gaining Weight

Paul was in Atlanta two weeks ago and did a little shopping for home comforts. He left with 8kilos of stuff and came back 50kilos heavier. What did he get? This:

The candy was for a co-worker but the rest were much longed for treasures for us. If you ever want to send us a care package, these are our top *8Things we miss:

1) Ghiradelli Brownie Mix

2) Chocolate Chips

3) Annie Macaroni and Cheese

4) Biorie Pore Strips

5) Zia Face moisturizer with spf 15

6) Vanity Fair magazine

7) Kids Chew Multi Vitamins and Chewy Vitamin Ds

8) chunked candied ginger (without chocolate)



One Response to Gaining Weight

  1. Susan Young says:

    A pumpkin pie season. Paul-y! I wish we could slice a pie together. I had my first taste of the season tonight. Not so good, but it inspired me to get busy. It’s been on my mind.

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