Happy Halloween

Danes only sort of celebrate Halloween. For instance, the local amusement park Tivoli was open and decorated “for Halloween,” but it closed after the Fall school break — two weeks BEFORE Halloween. (Yes, we missed it.)

We weren’t really planning on doing anything for Halloween, then our October S.A.D. Prevention party got delayed a week because of Paul’s trip to Atlanta, pushing it right up against Halloween, and the party kids wanted to dress up. So we scrambled around and found some costume stuff. Eden decided to be a witch. She wore my striped socks and black heels — and the shoes fit her! We couldn’t find a hat, so we put those fake spider webs in her hair and plastic spiders. I think she looked great. 

Cate was going to be a pirate, but at the last moment pitched a fit and changed her mind. I refused to help her build a new costume while simultaneoulsy cooking for 20 guests. (I keep telling them and telling them, I am a mean MEAN Momma.) Eventually she rallied and picked something on her own. She wore all red and was “The Queen of Hearts.

We also got to carve pumpkins, which Paul found after a little searching at a florist. The pumpkins came in big plastic carriers with a history of Hween on the back and instruction on how to carve them. (Remember, this is a new holiday here.) Our new and delightful friends, Ali and Peter Marsh came over to help us carve. Later the Marshes invited us to a Haloween party at their flat. The kids wore the same outfits again and “trick or treated” by knocking on all the bedroom door’s in the Marsh’s place.

Photos, as always, here.


One Response to Happy Halloween

  1. Susan Young says:

    Yippee! Great Halloween pictures! I love the cobwebs and spider webs in the hair. And great look, Queen of Hearts! Very red and clever.

    Alberto was a blue power ranger. Amazingly he fit the same costume as last year and still liked it enough to wear it. We carved 3 pumpkins and hope to be able to share photos of them soon. So technologically challenged! You’ll probably never see them – I’m so bad.

    This year we went to 2 Halloween – oops! I mean Harvest Festivals!?! And on Halloween day we went to a caramel apple making party and trick or treating with friends. Very fun…lots of candy. Love you all – Susan

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