We had an earthquake!

At about 6:20 this morning, as I was avoiding getting up for work, Rachelle was startled awake by a bit of an earthquake here. It wasn’t very large, but it was enough to shake the bed and rattle the closet doors. At 4.7 or 4.8, this is the largest earthquake since measurments began in 1930. My officemate, Eva, has said that Denmark doesn’t have earthquakes. Technically, she’s still right… Thank You, Sweden!

Here’s more info on it from the US Geological Survey and a map of the location on Google Earth.

And here’s a few (translated) newspaper articles:

  • Politiken
  • Berlingske (including a great “Denmark Is the Epicenter of the World!” graphic)

3 Responses to We had an earthquake!

  1. Susan Young says:

    Congratulations on experiencing something that doesn’t technically happen! That’s tricky even on a good day. Sending you love!

  2. Tonya says:

    Oooohh! how exciting! There’s no better way to start your morning than with an earthquake…ok maybe that’s not quite right. There’s probably a few things that would be better…but not many!

  3. Amber says:

    I mistook my first earthquake for hypnagogic startle.:) I was living in Georgia and it through me out of bed. I think Soviet buildings are a bit more fragile than Danish ones though. Glad it wasn’t too exiciting!

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