Christmas in Denmark: Tivoli

Friday night we went to Tivoli to see the lights that inspired Walt Disney to create his Main Street USA. After we saw the Nisse Hus (the nisse are not elves!), and the girls rode a few rides, we were chilled to the bone. So, we popped into one of the many pubs to drink hot chocolate and eat æbleskiver. We sat directly in front of the heater and were shortly very toasty and ready to brave the cold once again. Here’s one photo from the night. You can see more on Flikr (click here), including photos of Cate and her friend Johanna from Estonia participating in the Scandanavian Santa Lucia festival, where young girls dress in white, carry candles, and process around (a school, a mall, the streets, etc.) while singing the story of Lucia.

The largest full moon in 13 years rising above Tivoli

The largest full moon in 13 years rising above Tivoli


One Response to Christmas in Denmark: Tivoli

  1. Susan Young says:

    Hi Darlings! So good to hear about St. Lucia, Danish style. Have I ever shared with you that I was a Lucia queen in my church when I was in high school? Had real candles on my head and everything. It was an honor and felt very special. It’s a tradition in the type of church I attended which had a Swedish heritage. The first year I was at SPU I asked Joan Shannon to accompany me to First Covenant Church on Capitol Hill to the Lucia Festival. Little did we know it would be a 2 hour service primarily in Swedish! I remember it was beautiful even though we didn’t understand the language.
    anyway, thanks for activating these memories. Tomorrow we are off to Santa Barbara to be with my brother for Christmas Eve and Day. Love you all!

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