Apparently, this passes for Prayer in Denmark…

Friday in Denmark was Great Prayer Day. Watch the celebration here, and then look at the photos here.

A rough quote from the police when asked about a guy who claimed to participate: “There’s no basis to go arrest him. But we’ll interrogate him and charge him with vandalism.” Which makes me think: is being charged with a crime in Denmark sort of like being called a name on the playground? ‘Eeww! Jan Jansen has cooties!’


One Response to Apparently, this passes for Prayer in Denmark…

  1. Rosie Gustafson says:

    Hi!, how’s it going? I was totally insanely thrilledly madly freakishly happy to learn that y’all are coming back to good ol’ Seattle! Before i keep writing i just wanna ask one question do you remember me? okay before you think I’m some psycho rambling on I just want to say that saddie introduced us The day before kindergarten (tried to make in underlined) Eden and i were 2 peas in a pod (1 tear) YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR BUTTS BACK IN SETTLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU UNDERSTAND??????????????????????????????????????
    Now where was I? Oh yeah! i miss you so much!! so does midnight! remember her? she’s my cat, i read it aloud and she purred and paced in front of the computer, that either mean she misses you or want food.
    Love always,
    Rosie and Midnight
    midnight says “meow”

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