Eden’s Eleventh Eleventh Birthday Party

Despite already having something like ten birthday parties this summer while in the U.S., Eden wanted to have a birthday party with her classmates when she came back to CPH. A nice tradition here in Denmark is that when a child has a birthday party, the entire class is invited. I think it helps prevent kids from feeling excluded, and builds community in the class. This all is good, because these kids are together in the same class, with the same teacher, from Grade 0 through Grade 9.

So, sixteen 11-year-olds came over for the afternoon on September 19, and we discovered that yes, tweens can sing karaoke for three hours straight.

16 Tweens singing with Lips on XBox

16 Tweens singing with Lips on XBox


2 Responses to Eden’s Eleventh Eleventh Birthday Party

  1. opdinbarcelona says:

    Hi! I just started reading your blog, so please excuse me if you have said this before… I was curious if your daughter was going to a school with a special philosophy, like Waldorf. Or if it is standard in Denmark that children stay with the same teacher? Thanks!

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